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41st Annual BIA-MA Brain Injury Conference To Use Sessionboard For Speaker & Content Management

BIA-MA has chosen Sessionboard to manage their speakers, sessions, & content for their annual conference in 2023.

BIA-MA (Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts) has chosen Sessionboard to manage their speakers, sessions, & content for their annual conference in 2023. 

BIA-MA is an incredible non-profit organization dedicated to creating “a better future for brain injury survivors through brain injury prevention, education, advocacy and support.” Now their 41st annual conference will utilize Sessionboard’s powerful platform to manage their call for speakers, submission grading & approvals, and content collection & distribution.

A Seamless Submission Process for Speakers

Prospective speakers will be able to submit their workshop and poster proposals through the speaker portal. Afterward, they can keep track of their submission status, view & upload requested documents, and communicate with BIA-MA’s conference organizers.

From bio’s, headshots, workshop proposals, poster presentations and more - this year’s conference is sure to be a seamlessly simple experience for speakers and organizers alike.

Specifically, BIA-MA can now utilize Sessionboard's dynamic platform to:

  • Centralize the call for papers and abstracts — Send, track and manage call for abstracts or call for papers.
  • Simplify abstract grading— Gather, evaluate and grade abstracts all in one system.
  • Build speaker agendas and manage sessions in real-time — Get out of spreadsheets and make updates on the fly with a real-time agenda builder.
  • Personalized portals guide speakers through every step - Each speaker can track their task, timelines and to-do’s to stay on track.
  • Streamline communication for speakers and staff - Eliminate needless back and forth, track progress on one central dashboard and never ask for the same info twice.

BIA-MA Shares Their Experience With Sessionboard

"BIA-MA is excited to utilize Sessionboard to exponentially reduce staff paperwork and web monitoring time in building our conference." 

"The biggest impact of using Sessionboard is absolutely time saved.  Programming our submission portal to our exact specifications needed and having evaluator access to that same portal for review means no duplication of efforts on the backend.  The manpower of our smaller organization can remain content-focused when Sessionboard has comprehensively formulated the submission process." 

"Our link went live in the past week, and the submissions received thus far have been submitted quickly without complaint or confusion from applicants.  The portal allowed us to build a comprehensive stage for “one-stop shopping” submission with a clean professional customer interface." 

"Our Evaluators have commented on how easy their process has been within the evaluator portal - they are able to quickly log in, review necessary documents, and provide feedback.  On the backend, my role as portal administrator provides easily accessible overviews of both the submissions received and evaluator progress.  Being able to program data collected across multiple custom filter views - and toggle between views - allows our staff to easily distill the information submitted for committee discussion." 

"The Sessionboard Customer Service Team has made themselves readily available to explain modalities of the Sessionboard platform. They have been customer-focused and solution-driven throughout our interactions."

Chris Carver,  CEO of Sessionboard, said:

“It’s an honor to be able to work with an organization like BIA-MA. We really believe that the more time we can save their team, the more time they can have back to focus on their mission. That impact is something our entire team takes to heart and pushes us to constantly innovate for partners like BIA-MA."


BIA-MA provides Support & Resources to brain injury survivors and their families; Prevention Programs to educate the public on the impact of brain injuries; Education & Training for brain injury survivors, caregivers and professionals; and Legislative Advocacy for improved community services and safety laws (seat belts, helmets).

BIA-MA annually provides support, information and resources to approximately 14,000 survivors, families and medical professionals. BIA-MA sponsors support groups throughout Massachusetts which provides a forum for sharing information about brain injury and an opportunity to meet others who share similar experiences and concerns. It also organizes a variety of educational, recreational and social activities.

The Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts (BIA-MA) is now accepting proposals for workshops and poster presentations for the 41st Annual Brain Injury Conference, being held Wednesday, March 29 & Thursday, March 30, 2023.


High quality speakers and content are the heartbeat of any event. That’s what inspired us to create Sessionboard. Our platform simplifies the complex workflows and disjointed communications that exist around speaker and content management today. The results? A faster-growing event, more productive staff, seamless collaboration with speakers and more time back to do what you do best—building epic experiences.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Sessionboard can make your next conference or live event more efficient when it comes to speaker, session, and content management… schedule a free demo today.