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What's New From Sessionboard - October 2022

The Product Team at Sessionboard is on a mission to continually optimize our powerful platform. See what's new for October.

This month the Product Team at Sessionboard is unveiling some powerful improvements to make life even easier for our conference organizers. Each of the updates for October is focused on empowering everyone in the speaker, session, & content management process.

From evaluators, sponsors, and exhibitors, see how Sessionboard is streamlining your entire workflow with all of your key constituents in mind.

Managing Multiple Session Submission Forms

Administrators can now create up to 5 session submission forms to collect speaker and session data.


We heard from conference organizers that customizing the session submission process was important to streamline their call for papers process and manage multiple types of speakers and sessions.


Simply go to the Session tab, then Submissions, followed by Forms to view and create new forms. Each form has access to the same bank of questions, from our helpful pre-built ones to your own custom-built ones you have created for your event.

Evaluation Plan Export

Administrators can now export detailed information from graded evaluation plans.
Choose which version you want to export:
  • Individual Grades Report - this provides a breakdown of session grading by evaluator, including their comments and criteria rankings with weighted scores
  • Cumulative Grades Report - this provides a summarized view of grades per session, including data from the session submission and session owner information.
This is an excellent way to monitor your evaluation process and provide the exported reports to your team.

Edit Session experience

Editing sessions is faster than ever - you can now see more information at a glance and access session metadata such as tags, tracks, etc. in one place.

Sponsor / Exhibitor Sessions

Sponsor and Exhibitors can now be added to sessions and be displayed in the session table.

Navigation Enhancements - Portal Functions

To make life simpler, you can now access Portals directly from the left-hand sidebar. Portal-specific functions such as Tasks, File Requests, Forms, Wiki Pages etc. are available from that section.


High quality speakers and content are the heartbeat of any event. That’s what inspired us to create Sessionboard. Our platform simplifies the complex workflows and disjointed communications that exist around speaker and content management today. The results? A faster-growing event, more productive staff, seamless collaboration with speakers and more time back to do what you do best—building epic experiences.

To learn why some of the most respected event teams trust Sessionboard to power their operations, schedule a demo today.

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