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Unlocking Event Insights with Sessionboard's Reporting

Access insightful reports to guide your event planning process and make data-driven decisions.

Our first two product updates this month have been all about importing data and replicating event builds to help you and your team dramatically speed up the time it takes to construct your event. But what about when you need to export data from the platform?

Perhaps you're looking to identify trends in your speaker submissions (topic, track, demographic). Maybe you’re trying to monitor and maintain a level of consistency in your evaluations, so you need to get an understanding of how your evaluators are performing? Or it could be as simple as just needing to share speaker, session, sponsor, or exhibitor information with an external team. 

That’s why we’re introducing Reporting.

The Power of Reporting

The Reporting module seamlessly combines data from various parts of the Sessionboard platform, giving you a holistic view of your events. Whether you need to track session submission trends, measure evaluation status and performance, or better understand your speaker demographics, this module provides the tools to generate tailored reports that address your specific needs.

Types of Reports

Sessionboard's Reporting module empowers you to create multiple types of reports. Some examples include:

Sessions with Speaker Details

  • Complete an event audit of session information with related speaker data

Session Moderator Report

  • Inform moderators about the speakers participating in their related sessions, and updates to key session details (locations, dates, times)

Session Chairperson Report

  • Inform moderators about the speakers participating in their related sessions, and updates to key session details (locations, dates, times)

Session Submitter Report

  • Contact submitters to request changes to the submission, with updates to the acceptance process, etc.

Sponsor Sessions Report

  • Audit sponsored sessions to check that sponsors are well-represented, share relevant details with sponsors about their sessions (abstracts, tracks, speakers) for information or approval purposes

Evaluator Details Report

  • Keep up to date on evaluator progress across multiple evaluation plans, track which evaluators need assistance or can take on more work

Session Evaluation Summary

  • Track session evaluation status to determine which sessions are lagging in evaluation progress and contact evaluators to assess and remove any barriers to completion

Creating reports in Sessionboard is a straightforward process:


  • Report Selection: Choose the report's name and provide a description
  • Relationships: Select the relationships (ex. event contacts or evaluation plans) to include in the report. Each relationship will correspond to columns in the report.
  • Choose Fields: Choose any people or session fields to add to your report
  • Review: This final screen allows you to review the details of your report.

Update As You Go

If at any point you need to update your report, simply select the wheel icon on the report.

Run a report to create an XLSX or CSV download of all relevant data. It’s that easy.

Unlocking Data-Driven Decisions

Sessionboard's Reporting module empowers you to transform event data into actionable insights, enabling you to:

Identify trends and patterns: Uncover hidden trends and patterns in your event data to make informed decisions about future events.

Ensure your content is curated: Evaluate the success of your evaluation plan by analyzing highly graded submissions.

Optimize sponsorship/exhibitor opportunities: Gain perspective into your ideal sponsors and exhibitors based on trends.

Enhance future events: Continuously improve your events by identifying areas for improvement and implementing data-driven strategies.

Embrace Data-Driven Event Management

Incorporating Sessionboard's Reporting into your event management process is a transformative step towards data-driven decision-making. With comprehensive insights at your fingertips, you can optimize your events, enhance attendee experiences, and achieve your event goals with greater efficiency and precision.

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