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The Northwest Event Show has Chosen Sessionboard to Power the Speaker, Sponsor, Exhibitor and Content Management Processes for the NWES Annual Conference In 2023

The Northwest Event Show will be using Sessionboard to manage speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and content this year.

In an effort to maximize their time, improve communication with their speakers, sponsors and exhibitors and centralize their session content in one place, so they can better engage their attendees year-round, the Northwest Event Show has partnered with Sessionboard

Managing a call for papers process can be a daunting task for any event team. There are so many moving parts, from submissions and evaluations to all of the back and forth communications between administrators, their internal team, and the prospective speakers. Then of course, there is the content management for each and every speaker and session, from collecting it all, to distributing it to your a/v teams on-site. Another operational headache for organizers is managing the onboarding of each speaker, sponsor, exhibitor. With all of the necessary pieces of information, data and files that need to be collected, it can add up to hundreds of hours of time per show.

Thankfully, NWES has found Sessionboard’s platform effective at supporting the entire endeavor from start to finish. 

Empowering Their Team With Time Saved

Through this partnership, the NWES Conference organizing committee will be able to streamline the full lifecycle of their content for each session and speaker; from the initial step of managing their call for papers, to the evaluation of each abstract and submission that comes in, to building and managing their agenda, to seamlessly automating the collection of critical assets from each speaker, sponsor and exhibitor and publishing the information to the conference website and mobile app.

“When you do the math on how many hours we spend managing speakers manually, it became very apparent that re-applying that time to more important areas of our conference would only make the conference better. Also the intuitive nature of the Sessionboard platform for our team as well as our speakers, sponsors and exhibitors, made the decision incredibly easy” said Stuart Butler, President, Northwest Event Show
“Our goal at Sessionboard is to save our partners a great deal of time, while giving them a powerful tool to help elevate their event (pre-show, during and post-show). As a result, it’s always incredible to work with such a forward thinking organization like NWES, that not only values their time and the experience of their key constituents, but also understand that power of having this critical content organized and at their fingertips in real-time.” said, Chris Carver, Co-Founder and CEO of Sessionboard.

Session Content On Tap

Not only can the NWES team count on Sessionboard to save time and create a faster onboarding workflow for their speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors, they can also take advantage of having their show data and content available through the platform ahead of time. This aggregation of resources, once commonly dispersed across various spreadsheets, drive folders, and email chains is now all organized in one place.

“We know how strapped Conference organizers are for time, so it’s incredible to be the solution that helps this team reallocate a large portion of their time to other more critical areas, however what I am most excited about with this partnership, is that the NWES team also sees how having the session content and key information readily available and organized, can be really powerful from a marketing and communications standpoint.” said, Carver.

Learn More About Northwest Event Show

The event industry experience for the West Coast starts in Seattle.

Join your peers at the 2023 Northwest Event Show (NWES) on March 15th and 16th at the brand new Summit Building at the Seattle Convention Center.

From Seattle to LA, Portland to San Diego, the West Coast has incredible destinations, properties, venues and industry suppliers that delight participants from around the globe. At NWES 2023, you will connect with industry peers and leaders, get new ideas, hear from expert speakers and take part in a unique set of experiences designed to ignite ideas for your return to face-to-face events.

Whether you’re thinking about events for team building, customer appreciation, employee retention, or a major product launch, the Northwest Event Show is the place to find everything you need and to make meaningful connections.

About Sessionboard

High quality speakers and content are the heartbeat of any event. That’s what inspired us to create Sessionboard. Our platform simplifies the complex workflows and disjointed communications that exist around speaker and content management today. The results? A faster-growing event, more productive staff, seamless collaboration with speakers and more time back to do what you do best—building epic experiences. 

To learn why some of the most respected event teams trust Sessionboard to power their operations, schedule a demo today.

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