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Speaker CRM: Revolutionizing Year-Round Program Planning for Associations

The secret to curating the best content, sourcing the most ideal speakers, and delivering for your members starts here.

The following article was written by our very own Megan Saad, former Global Marketing Director at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAPPA). Megan took some time to fully layout just how revolutionary having a Speaker CRM across events will be for the folks who face the herculean task of planning year-round programming for associations.

Associations play a crucial role in fostering professional growth, networking, and knowledge sharing among their members. One of the cornerstones of their success is hosting events, conferences, and programs throughout the year. 

Effective program planning is vital for creating engaging and informative events that provide lasting value to members. That's why Sessionboard has introduced a game-changing feature – Speaker CRM , a cross-event speaker database. 

This innovation promises to transform program planning for associations, offering year-round benefits and continued value to their members that extends beyond their events.

The Challenge of Year-round Program Planning

Traditionally, associations faced challenges in managing a diverse range of events throughout the year. Each event required a distinct program with expert speakers and engaging content. The process of identifying, recruiting, and scheduling speakers was often time-consuming, inefficient, and disjointed. Associations struggled to maintain consistency and quality in their programs, leading to potential member disengagement.

The Game Changer: Speaker CRM by Sessionboard

Sessionboard's Speaker CRM is a revolutionary tool designed to streamline program planning and provide associations with a consistent source of high-quality speakers from their past, current and future events, thereby enhancing the value delivered to their members. 

Here's how this feature will be a game changer:

Centralized Speaker Repository:

The Speaker CRM acts as a central repository where associations can catalog, evaluate, and categorize speakers based on expertise, experience, past events and topic relevance. This comprehensive database eliminates the need for associations to start from scratch when seeking speakers for each event or for initiatives throughout the year.

The presence of a central speaker repository within the Speaker CRM connects not only different departments within an association but also global teams. This centralized resource eliminates silos and ensures that all teams, regardless of their geographical location, can access the same pool of industry experts and thought leaders.

With the ability to go to one central place for speaker sourcing, associations can harness the collective expertise of their global network, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among teams. This not only simplifies the process of identifying and recruiting speakers but also ensures that the most qualified experts are selected for upcoming programs, leading to consistently high-quality events.

See a detailed view of your association's entire speaker network, filterable through advanced search, with the ability to build dynamic lists and segments.

Members will also reap significant benefits from the central speaker repository within the Speaker Database. Access to a diverse range of industry experts and thought leaders from around the world means that members will have the opportunity to gain exposure to unique perspectives and insights that transcend geographical boundaries.

By attending events featuring speakers sourced globally, members can expand their horizons, gain a broader understanding of industry trends, and learn from experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This exposure enhances the value of their membership by offering a richer, more comprehensive learning experience.

Incorporating a global perspective into event programming not only enriches members' knowledge but also reinforces the association's commitment to providing a truly international platform for professional growth and networking. It positions the association as a hub for global expertise, further enhancing its appeal and value to members.

The central speaker repository, thus, acts as a unifying force within the association, enhancing coordination and efficiency in program planning and speaker management across various teams and regions.

Enhanced Collaboration:

Associations can foster collaboration among their members and event planning teams by providing access to the database. Team members can search for and select speakers collaboratively, ensuring diverse perspectives and expertise in event programs.

Provide team members transparency into contact history, so everyone can collaborate and stay on the same page.

Year-Round Planning:

With the Speaker Database, associations can plan events year-round efficiently. They no longer need to rely on sporadic speaker recruitment efforts. Instead, they can continuously update and refine their speaker pool, ensuring a steady stream of engaging events.

Access a rich contextual speaker profile that provides unparalleled insigh into each contact in your database.

Sessionboard's Speaker Database is not only a tool for efficient program planning but also a powerful source of intelligence for associations. It equips them with the data needed to respond dynamically to member preferences, offering relevant, timely, and engaging content. By leveraging these insights, associations can stay ahead of the curve, delivering programs that continue to captivate and provide long-term value to their members.

Armed with insights from the Speaker Database, associations can identify niche topics or specialized areas of interest that may not have been apparent initially.

This information can be used to create targeted learning opportunities and specialized programs that cater to specific segments of the membership base, providing members with valuable, personalized content and the association with new revenue streams. 

Quality Assurance:

The database allows associations to maintain high-quality programming consistently. They can access speaker reviews, ratings, and feedback from past events, ensuring that only top-notch speakers are chosen for future engagements.

By analyzing data on session topics that were in high demand and well-received, as well as those that received adverse feedback, associations can refine their offerings, uncover opportunities for niche programs, and make informed decisions about the topics that may need to be sunsetted.

Over time, some topics may lose relevance or become dated. By analyzing historical session data, associations can identify topics that are no longer in demand or have reached saturation.

This intel can inform decisions about retiring or "sunsetting" certain topics to make room for fresh and timely content that aligns with current member interests.

Member Engagement:

Members benefit from a consistent and diverse lineup of speakers, making their membership more valuable. They can attend events throughout the year, confident in the quality of content and speakers, leading to increased member engagement and retention.

Informed program planning, driven by insights from the Speaker Database, can have a profound impact on member trust. When participants consistently encounter timely topics and valuable content in association events, their trust in the organization's ability to cater to their needs and interests is reinforced.

This renewed trust leads to increased member engagement as participants are more likely to actively participate in events, interact with speakers, and provide constructive feedback, ultimately creating a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement and stronger member relationships.

Cost Savings:

Associations can reduce costs associated with speaker recruitment, as they can tap into their existing database of speakers rather than constantly searching for new ones. This cost-effective approach can free up resources for other member-centric activities.


Sessionboard's Speaker CRM is poised to be a game changer for associations seeking to enhance their year-round program planning and provide sustained value to their members. 

By centralizing speaker management, fostering collaboration, and ensuring consistent program quality, this innovative feature empowers associations to deliver engaging events consistently, ultimately strengthening member engagement and loyalty. As associations evolve to meet the changing needs of their members, this tool is set to play a pivotal role in their continued success.

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