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Sessionboard's September Product Update

It sure is nice when the Product Team takes care of the marketing for you…

Take a look at an average bi-weekly update we receive from our product & engineering team...

Seriously though, what other company is consistently improving and expanding their product at this pace? We don’t mean to brag, but we sure are proud of the relentless effort our product and engineering team puts in. 

Where does the motivation come from? The answer is in Sessionboard’s core mission – to save time, increase efficiency, and make the lives of event organizers better while improving the quality of the events they are producing.

So what are the fruits of that labor this month? 

Portal Forms

New, easy to use, forms for collecting information from people and groups.

Why’d we do it? Forgot to ask a question on your CFP? Need some additional details to on-board your speakers? Create a quick form and share with your portal contacts in a snap!

Benefits: Simple to create, easy to fill out, information collected in a breeze.

Adjustable Ratings Values

Use custom rating values scales to get granular with your evaluations.

Why’d we do it? Your unique evaluation plan deserves a customizable rating scale.

Benefits: Be as specific as you need to be, and create a more accurate evaluation process to yield even more ideal speakers and session for you event. 

Embeds Refresh

In addition to launching new embed options, we've polished & optimized for mobile viewing.

Why’d we do it? Most event website viewing occurs on our phones. Speakers, event staff, and attendees on-site need to be able to see your itinerary and who’s speaking from the convenience of their mobile device. That view also needs to be easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. 

Benefits: Increases traffic and engagement with your event website by providing a live view of who’s speaking, what they’re speaking about, when & where they’re speaking, and why prospects should attend your event. Boost registration and engagement simultaneously.

Sponsor Tier Levels

Quickly and easily cluster your sponsors by type & create custom portals based on their level (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

Why’d we do it? Different buy-in levels mean different packages for your sponsors, and that means on-boarding for each tier is going to feature more (or less) information collection and distribution. Now you can use the preset tiers to get started (Gold, Silver, Bronze) or create your own tiers based on your own labels.

Benefits: Building out your sponsor’s personalized portal is even simpler now with the preset template that you can customize to fit your needs. 

Wait until you see what our team is cooking up for next month's release 😁, it's going to be a game-changer for speaker and sponsor management! Stay tuned...

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About Sessionboard

Sessionboard is a next generation speaker & content management platform that simplifies the complex workflows and disjointed communications that exist around speaker and content management. From call for papers, abstract evaluation, awards, applications, agenda building, speaker onboarding and communication, Sessionboard helps event organizers work smarter, move faster, and improve their ROI.

The results? A faster-growing event, more productive staff, seamless collaboration with speakers and more time back to do what you do best—building epic experiences.

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