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Sessionboard Announces Alliance Partnership with Cvent

As a Cvent Partner, SB brings its fully integrated, best in class speaker management platform directly to Cvent clients.

Event Marketing teams can now easily integrate Sessionboard's next generation speaker and content management solutions directly with the Cvent platform, in order to save hundreds of hours per event while also automatically tracking and activating all of their speakers in a centralized Speaker CRM. The integration and partnership between Sessionboard and Cvent will help enable greater event ROI and enhance the overall event experience for each speaker involved. For more details and to view our listing, visit https://marketplace.cvent.com/en-US/apps/441205

By joining the Cvent App Marketplace, Sessionboard aims to empower Cvent users that are seeking a robust solution for managing speakers and event content, and who want to activate their speakers for their year-round marketing efforts. By joining forces with Cvent, Sessionboard will deliver enhanced functionality that supports a complex content management workflow (from call for papers, abstract evaluation, session and agenda management, speaker onboarding, asset collection, etc.), all of which save event professionals significant time during the planning process. Sessionboard will also offer a way for marketing teams to amplify the power and reach of their content marketing efforts, by aggregating speakers across their entire event marketing portfolio and strategically activate these subject matter experts, thought leaders and influencers. 

"We are thrilled to join the Cvent App Marketplace and bring our next generation, time saving speaker and content management solutions to a wider audience," said Chris Carver, CEO & Co-Founder of Sessionboard. "This collaboration is not just about expanding our reach; it's about enriching the event ecosystem with powerful, flexible tools designed to save event organizers precious time and provide their speakers with an unparalleled, user-friendly experience. Together with Cvent, we are setting new standards for what event organizers can achieve and how marketing organizations can truly leverage the speaker network their event teams are cultivating. Speakers are one of the most powerful assets a marketing team has and the integration and partnership between Sessionboard and Cvent is helping to bring that value to life."

The Cvent App Marketplace, created by industry-leading event technology provider Cvent, provides a centralized location for planners and marketers to easily discover SaaS solutions and other complementary technology partners that integrate with the Cvent platform to help drive even greater event success. The marketplace also enables other leading technology partners to develop on top of the Cvent platform and build ready-to-use apps, helping to expand and personalize the platform capabilities.

To learn more about the Cvent App Marketplace, visit the website here

About Sessionboard

Sessionboard’s deliberate and sole focus on continuous innovation of the speaker and content management process has created a best-in-class platform that saves organizers hundreds of hours per event, helps aggregate and optimize their speaker network, provides speakers with a streamlined and modern experience, and empowers marketing teams to optimize their content strategy year-round.


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Ian Davis

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