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Make Life Easy For Your Speakers With Personalized Tasks | Sessionboard Product Update

Introducing Personalized Speaker Tasks

Every organizer we talk to complains about how difficult it is to get their speakers to complete the necessary tasks for their event. 

Our Findings:
When the speaker is confronted with information and tasks that don’t apply to them, they are more likely to abandon the process or just procrastinate.

Which eats up a lot of time for every organizer.

Over the past year, we have found that speakers are more likely to complete tasks by your deadlines when each task is personalized for them, listed in one place and one click away.


Easily craft a personalized task and assign it to the applicable speaker's portal.
Your speaker will access their portal, click the link, and complete the task. Now they will only see what's relevant to them.

We now give you the ability to personalize specific tasks for each speaker.

You can create ONE CLICK tasks to:

- Share personalized Social Media Links
- Access specific DocuSign files to sign speaker Contracts
- View and execute specific payment invoices
- Fill out their specific speaker accommodations
- Access specific speaker registration discount codes.
- Access personalized documents
- And more…

What’s really exciting is HOW MUCH TIME THIS CAN SAVE your event team:

One-Time Setup: Once you set up a task and assign it to the relevant portal(s), it will automatically reflect the values on the contact record. This means you only need to set up the task once, saving you time and effort.

Bulk Importing & Bulk Assignment: The ability to bulk update via contact import is a game-changer. You no longer need to assign each task individually. Instead, the values will update automatically in the contacts' portals, streamlining the process and reducing the chance of errors.

Personalized Communication: Each task can be merged into our email & SMS communication tools. Which allows your team to send bulk communication, but personalized for each recipient. This ensures that each contact receives the specific information they need without manual intervention.

The Personalized Speaker Tasks feature is another step forward in building the most streamlined yet tailor-made experience for our end users by automating personalized communication, streamlining task assignment, and enhancing the contact experience. It allows you to focus more on the strategic aspects of your event while ensuring that the operational details are efficiently managed.

Driven by User Feedback:

These enhancements are a direct result of feedback from our valued users. We listened to your suggestions and have worked diligently to improve and streamline the speaker management process.

We're committed to continually enhancing Sessionboard to meet your evolving needs. Try out the latest improvements with Personalized Speaker Tasks and let us know what you think!

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