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How Clarion Events Saved 3,013 Organizer Hours On Just Four Events | Case Study

Learn how Clarion Events saved thousands of organizer hours on just four events this year using Sessionboard.

If you are reading this, you likely know the pain of selecting and managing your submissions, speakers, sessions and content, from end to end. Since human beings forget pain (or post event amnesia), the Clarion Events team was willing to share their story. Enjoy!

Huge thank you to Liz Irving, Leigh Mann, Sarah Toews, Gabriella Cecere, Lauren Ocoma and Desiree Hanson for your trust, operational vision and willingness to share for the betterment of the industry.

Not long ago, the Clarion Events team managed their call for papers, abstract evaluations (with numerous volunteer evaluators), approval and denial communication, session and agenda management, collection of speaker assets and made most of the updates to their website, registration system and presentation management solution manually and with a few outdated solutions.

When you calculate all of the mini steps within each of the items above, the constant back and forth and reminders to each evaluator to complete their evaluations, reminders to each speaker to submit each asset by the appropriate deadline and manually updating the website with each change, Clarion would spend at least 3-5 hours per speaker per event.

Is there a system that streamlines these mundane tasks and seamlessly integrates with our registration system, our website and presentation management solution?

Save the Clarion Event team hundreds (if not thousands) of organizer hours so that they can focus on more critical areas of each show.

With 1,756 Speakers and 1,237 Sessions across 4 of their energy events: DISTRIBUTECH, HYDROVISION, POWERGEN and GRIDTECH, the Clarion Team saved 33% of their time by implementing Sessionboard and created a highly personalized and engaging process for their speakers.        

"Sessionboard has been one of our most successful investments this year, making our team more efficient and allowing us to focus on the most critical components of our events." - Leigh Mann, Conference Director, Clarion Events

By streamlining each step in the process of managing speakers, sessions and content, the Clarion Team had the foresight to find a way to re-allocate thousands of hours to much higher impact areas of each show.

One of the highest returns on investment an organizer can imagine!

Event organizers can utilize the power and efficiency of Sesisonboard’s speaker and session management with ASP’s intuitively customizable event website builder.

This smooth integration makes it easier for event marketers to build event websites that feature all the essential information from their session, schedule, and associated speakers.

Integrated with Freeman’s Presentation Management, event organizers will have a seamless, end-to-end event approach for speaker management. Freeman customers benefit from 95-years of event management expertise.

Grip is the leading AI-powered event networking solution for Virtual, Hybrid and In-person events.

Sessionboard users can connect their events with Grip and sync session and speaker data from Sessionboard to Grip.

"This smooth integration makes it easier for event marketers to build event websites that feature all the essential information from their session, schedule, and associated speakers." - Joe Benjamin, ASP's Managing Director
"Partnerships like this one will allow us to provide a complete solution for event content and speaker presentation management — from the first call for papers all the way to the stage." - Paul Fletcher, Freeman's Executive Vice President, Audio Visual & Event Technology Operations

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