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Event Content Pros To Follow in 2024: Call For Nominees

Nominate an event professional that's breaking the mold and pushing boundaries of what's possible in event content.

Do you know an event professional who is breaking the mold and pushing the boundaries of what's possible when it comes to event content and programming?

Nominate them for our Event Content Professionals to Follow in 2024!

We are looking for event content professionals who are:

  • Creative & Innovative: They come up with new and exciting ways to engage and inform audiences.
  • Excellent in execution: From strategy to delivery, they’re making it happen at a high level.
  • Impactful: Their work has a positive impact on the events industry and the audiences they serve.

To nominate someone, please fill out the following form.

Why We Are Hosting This List?

As a next-gen speaker and content management platform, Sessionboard aims to recognize and highlight the invaluable contributions of professionals in the events industry who are adept at identifying, creating, and executing meaningful content.

These individuals possess a unique ability to transform events into memorable experiences, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. By celebrating their expertise and dedication, Sessionboard wants to showcase the immense value they bring to the industry and us, inspiring others to reach new heights in event planning and content creation. This is something we can all learn from.

We decided to put this together because we are not only inspired by these amazing individuals and their work, the exercise of just putting this together helps us make our platform and team even better.

*** Updated Deadline for nominations: 12/8/2023***

Nominees will be announced by December 8th, 2023 on social media.

Your nomination will help us celebrate those individuals that are pushing our industry forward.