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EVA Announces Integration with Sessionboard to Optimize their Client’s Event Speaker, Session, & Content Management Workflow

Sessionboard offers EVA’s clients the most powerful tool to streamline their content for each session and speaker.

EVA, the all-in-one events management platform, has chosen to integrate with next generation speaker and content management platform Sessionboard, to optimize their client’s speaker, session, and content management workflow. 

A Powerful Integration

Specifically, EVA’s customer base will now have the power to gather and evaluate speaker/award submissions, collect and manage documents and data, automate and communicate with speakers via custom portals, upload and distribute session content internally and externally, and utilize the intuitive drag & drop agenda builder for their next event via the Sessionboard platform.  

The Inspiration

Despite the industry’s remarkable growth and the proliferation of event technology over the last few years, the space has lacked a true solution to the speaker, session, & content management workflow. Sessionboard offers conference organizers and event managers a platform that streamlines the speaker & content management process that traditionally consumes hundreds of precious organizer hours which can now be reinvested in the event experience. 

This partnership highlights a new era in which speaker, session & content management is no longer a complex burden. Sessionboard is excited to offer EVA’s clients the most powerful tool to streamline the full lifecycle of their content for each session and speaker; from the initial step of managing their call for papers, to the evaluation of each abstract and submission that comes in, to building and managing their agenda, to seamlessly automating the collection of critical assets from each speaker and publishing the information to the conference website and mobile app.

“We know how thorough the EVA team is when selecting their integration partners, so we're pleased that they’d entrust Sessionboard with their clients. As a result, we’re really excited to help save organizers an incredible amount of time on each event.” said Chris Carver, CEO at Sessionboard  

Vinnu Deshetty, CEO/Founder at EVA stated “Event technology should make the lives of meeting planners easier. That’s why we chose to partner with Sessionboard. By bridging the planning software with EVA’s engagement platform, we streamline the process to produce an event website and save our clients time and stress in the process.”


High quality speakers and content are the heartbeat of any event. That’s what inspired us to create Sessionboard. Our platform simplifies the complex workflows and disjointed communications that exist around speaker and content management today. The results? A faster-growing event, more productive staff, seamless collaboration with speakers and more time back to do what you do best—building epic experiences.

About EVA

Say goodbye to using multiple applications for publishing events. Welcome the all-in-one events management platform by EVA. An end-to-end event management platform, that empowers you to manage all your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events under one platform and deliver impactful experiences to attendees.

  • Efficiently manage all your events in one place
  • Predict future meeting success with event data insights
  • Improve marketing campaigns with smart segmentation
  • Enhance attendee experiences with cutting-edge engagement tools

Want to learn more about how this powerful new integration can streamline your next event?

Click here to find out!

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