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Emerald Partners with Sessionboard to Streamline Speaker and Session Management

Emerald partners with Sessionboard to enhance speaker & session management, improving productivity & event experiences.

The partnership between Emerald and Sessionboard is set to improve speaker management, content management, and session planning while offering a notable increase in productivity for the Emerald team. This initiative will centralize their vital network of speakers and content, aiming to improve the experience for both speakers, attendees, and conference organizers.

Emerald selected Sessionboard as part of its overall initiative to identify, partner with, and integrate the best-of-breed event tech applications to deliver the best experience to event and conference participants and the teams that organize, plan, and execute the events. 

Empowering Emerald’s Organizers with Advanced Solutions

Through this partnership, Emerald will utilize Sessionboard’s leading speaker, session, and content management platform to streamline the call for papers process, automated abstract evaluation, agenda creation, automated speaker communication and asset collection, and content integration. They will also have access to Sessionboard’s next-generation speaker CRM to automatically track, tag, and activate their speaker network for year-round engagement. By leveraging Sessionboard technology, the Emerald team will save significant time across the company.

A Shared Vision for Excellence in Data Management 

"Our partnership with Sessionboard represents a significant step forward in Emerald's conference and speaker management. After a comprehensive review, it became clear that Sessionboard was the best-of-breed application we were seeking, meeting our critical need to maximize the time of our conference managers while simultaneously improving speaker and attendee experiences," said John Dandeneau, Emerald's SVP of Product.

"Before Sessionboard, Emerald lacked a consistent approach and unified platform, leading to multiple, disconnected processes. Now, we're excited to leverage Sessionboard's robust capabilities to streamline operations, including year-round speaker engagement. Our conference managers unanimously drove the internal demand for this, and it underscores our commitment to creating immersive, inspiring event experiences across our portfolio," Dandeneau added.

Evolving Technology Landscape 

“Partnering with Emerald is an incredible milestone in our journey to re-imagine the event tech stack with attendee experience at the core. And to have such a forward-thinking, well-respected show organizer like Emerald make this such a priority, it is an indicator of how the data and technical needs of the event industry are evolving. It’s no longer acceptable to utilize the systems of old, or to not have a system at all,” said Chris Carver, Co-Founder and CEO at Sessionboard. 

A True Partnership

“It has been really refreshing to work with a partner that has a shared vision for how well-integrated, best-in-class technology can impact their existing operations and how it can be leveraged to drive year-round engagement. We’re also really excited to work with so many amazing and experienced show organizers. That will continue to push us to innovate even more. That’s a true partnership.” said Carver

About Emerald

Emerald’s talented and experienced team grows our customers’ businesses 365 days a year through connections, content, and commerce. We expand connections that drive new business opportunities, product discovery, and relationships with over 140 annual events, matchmaking, and lead-gen services. We create content to ensure that our customers are on the cutting edge of their industries and are continually developing their skills. And we power commerce through efficient year-round buying and selling. We do all this by seamlessly integrating in-person and digital platforms and channels. Emerald is immersed in the industries we serve and committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. As true partners, we create experiences that inspire, amaze, and deliver breakthrough results. For more information, please visit www.emeraldx.com

About Sessionboard

Sessionboard is a next generation speaker & content management platform that simplifies the complex workflows and disjointed communications that exist around speaker and content management, while centralizing all speaker data in one location. This best-in-class platform helps event organizers and marketers save time, improve their ROI and finally leverage one of their most valuable assets - their speaker network.

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