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ConferenceDirect Partners With Sessionboard To Offer Enhanced Speaker & Content Management

Sessionboard, the industry leader in speaker and content management, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with ConferenceDirect, a premier provider of conference and event planning services. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in Sessionboard’s mission to save organizers time and enhance the event content experience for organizers, speakers and most importantly, attendees.

Empowering Events with Advanced Solutions

Through this partnership, ConferenceDirect will offer Sessionboard's leading speaker and content management platform to their world class clientele of conference organizers and event marketing teams. This integration will save event teams 100’s (if not thousands) of hours per event by streamlining the call for papers process, abstract evaluation, agenda management, speaker & sponsor communication, asset collection and content integration. ConferenceDirect’s clientele will also have access to Sessionboard’s next generation speaker CRM, to help track and activate their speaker network for year-around engagement.

A Shared Vision for Excellence

Both Sessionboard and ConferenceDirect are dedicated to excellence in service and innovation. By joining forces, both expand their capability and commitment to providing the highest quality solutions in the industry. This partnership reflects a shared vision of leveraging technology to simplify complexities in event management and content delivery.

Benefits for ConferenceDirect Customers

ConferenceDirect customers will now have access to Sessionboard's comprehensive suite of features including intuitive speaker management, seamless content organization, network leveraging speaker CRM, powerful agenda-building tools, and more. 

These features are designed to optimize the planning and execution of events, making it easier than ever for businesses to achieve their objectives and exceed expectations.

Looking Forward

“Partnering with ConferenceDirect marks another pivotal moment for Sessionboard. The reason is, we have been completely focused on innovating around content management, with a theory that a best in class solution in this area will add so much value for our industry. Therefore, it’s so rewarding and validating to have an organization like ConferenceDirect select us as a partner. We are so excited to bring the Sessionboard Platform to the ConferenceDirect network and leverage a broader user base to continue to innovate and add more value for organizers. ” - Chris Carver, CEO & Co-Founder of Sessionboard
“After an extensive search, ConferenceDirect is thrilled with its choice of Sessionboard as a key technology partner in our delivery of abstract and speaker management services to our global customers. Security, robust features, and an affordable price point were non-negotiables in our search for the ideal partner, we have found that with Sessionboard's modern technology and dedication to providing top-notch solutions.  We are excited for what this partnership will deliver to our customers.” - Adam M. Briggs, Senior Vice President, Operations at ConferenceDirect. 

About ConferenceDirect

ConferenceDirect, headquartered in Folsom, California, is a full-service global meetings solution company. Our diverse portfolio of services includes Virtual/Hybrid Meetings, Site Selection & Contract Negotiation, Conference Management, Housing & Registration Services, Event Technology, Strategic Meetings Management Programs, Incentive Programs, Cruise Services, Experience Design, Green Meetings, Vendor Management, and Marketing Support. With over 450 associates managing more than 13,000 meetings, conferences, and events for over 4400 customers, ConferenceDirect is committed to delivering innovative and professional solutions. For more information, visit www.conferencedirect.com.

Mission Statement

ConferenceDirect partners with organizations to help them achieve their goals and create memorable experiences for their attendees. With proven global experience, professionalism, and innovative meeting solutions, our team is dedicated to your success.

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

Founded in 1998, ConferenceDirect has grown into one of the largest and most respected meeting and event management firms globally. Leveraging our extensive experience, we collaborate with clients to reduce costs, increase revenue, minimize risk, and enhance attendee experiences. With over 18,000 contracts managed annually, serving more than 4000 global customers, and over 1000 events managed globally by our 120+ meeting professionals, ConferenceDirect Associates are meeting and event experts.

Signature Events

ConferenceDirect is committed to providing educational opportunities for our customers. Signature events, based on revenue qualifications, are exclusive opportunities available to our current customers for market-specific education.

CD Caring and Connecting

ConferenceDirect supports programs and organizations that impact wellness, corporate responsibility, and sustainability, including Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability and Green Meetings, Human Trafficking Awareness, Healthy Eating and Menu Planning, Wellness Programs, and Associate Council

About Sessionboard

Sessionboard is a next generation speaker & content management platform that simplifies the complex workflows and disjointed communications that exist around speaker and content management. From call for papers, abstract evaluation, awards, applications, agenda building, speaker onboarding and communication, and speaker CRM, Sessionboard helps event organizers and marketers work smarter, move faster, and improve their ROI.

The results? A faster-growing event, more productive staff, seamless collaboration with speakers and more time back to do what you do best—building epic experiences.

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