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Conditional Logic 2.0 - Sessionboard Product Update

We're excited to share that we've expanded Conditional Logic capabilities to help streamline portal forms and applications.

Building on the success of our previous update, we're excited to announce Conditional Logic 2.0, an enhanced feature now available for portal forms and applications within the Sessionboard platform.

What We Learned and Improved

Previously, our Conditional Logic feature revolutionized how event organizers managed submissions for different session types like educational and sponsor sessions. However, we realized that the potential for this technology goes far beyond session management.

Conditional Logic 2.0: Expanded and Enhanced

With Conditional Logic 2.0, you can now apply dynamic form adjustments that enable a tailored and user-friendly experience for portal forms and applications.

Key Enhancements Include:

  • Universal Form: Create one form that supports a variety of use cases through the use of Conditional Logic. 
  • Simplified Form Building: Easier and more intuitive setup process for creating forms with Conditional Logic.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Applicants experience a streamlined form, seeing only relevant questions, \ simplifying their submission process.

Example Scenario: Using Conditional Logic 2.0 for Award Applications

Imagine you are organizing a large industry conference that features multiple award categories, including Innovation in Technology, Leadership in Sustainability, and Best Newcomer. Each award category requires tailored questions that align with the award’s criteria. 

With Conditional Logic 2.0 integrated into Sessionboard, you can create a single, streamlined application form that dynamically adapts based on the award category selected by the applicant. Here’s how it works:

  1. Form Setup:
    • You set up the initial application form with common fields such as nominee name, contact information, and organization.
    • You then add a dropdown menu for "Award Category" that lists each award.
  2. Implementing Conditional Logic:
    • For the Innovation in Technology award, when selected, the form automatically displays fields for describing technological innovations, relevant patents, or products developed.
    • For the Leadership in Sustainability award, selecting this option brings up questions about sustainability practices, impact metrics, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
    • For the Best Newcomer award, the form requires details about the company's founding year, growth metrics, and key achievements.
  1. Review and Processing:
    • Once the applications are submitted, your review team can easily review the submission details that are relevant to each award category. This facilitates a more efficient review process and helps in making well-informed decisions.
  2. Outcome:
    • The result is a seamless application experience for the nominees and a straightforward, efficient review process for your team. By leveraging Conditional Logic 2.0, you ensure that each application is tailored to highlight the nominee's strengths relevant to their chosen award category, enhancing the quality and relevance of submissions for your event's awards.

Our Mission

We're committed to continuously evolving our platform to meet the growing needs of event organizers and improve the overall management of events. Conditional Logic 2.0 is a testament to this, offering unprecedented flexibility and control over how you interact with and gather information from your speakers, sponsors, applicants, and contacts at large.

See Condtional Logic In Action

Get Started with Conditional Logic 2.0

Log in to your Sessionboard account today to explore the new possibilities with Conditional Logic 2.0. 

Need help getting started? Contact our support team for a guided walkthrough.

Thank you for choosing Sessionboard, where we help you build better events with smarter technology.

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Ian Davis

Marketing Manager

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