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Clarion Events North America Energy Events Chooses Sessionboard to Streamline Speaker, Session and Content Management

Clarion Events North America has been leveraging Sessionboard for the past six months to help build out their energy events.

Clarion Events North America has successfully leveraged Sessionboard over the past six months to save hundreds of organizer hours and improve the overall experience of their speakers and evaluators for their energy events.

The Clarion Energy Events team is leveraging key Sessionboard capabilities such as call for papers, abstract evaluation, agenda management, speaker onboarding & communication, in order to maximize their time and focus on critical events like DISTRIBUTECH International, POWERGEN International, GridTECH Connect Forum and HYDROVISION International.

Saving Organizers Time

Working with one of the largest event teams in the world has been an honor and privilege for the Sessionboard team. Clarion's Energy Events are gatherings where the people who literally power our world come together to learn and grow in their education and career.

Being able to save their team of event organizers time on the speaker, session, & content management side is crucial as it provides them more time to focus on their attendee's experience.

“It’s been very rewarding to hear the positive response about Sessionboard from the Clarion Events team. It’s also incredibly helpful to have had their feedback on how we can continue to innovate and add more value to all of our clients. Given how quickly the platform is evolving and how successful their team has been with Sessionboard, it has been and continues to be a great collaboration” said, Chris Carver, CEO Sessionboard.

Nimble Innovation

Of course, there are other companies in this space competing to serve prestigious organizations like Clarion Events. Most of them have a kitchen-sink approach to event technology, whereas Sessionboard is focused on all aspects of the speaker, session, & content management process.

Our team is constantly working to improve this process for organizers to ensure we provide the best-in-breed experience from start to finish.

“We initially chose Sessionboard amongst a number of other options because of its intuitive interface and very responsive team. And after 6 months of working with them, they continue to impress us with their overall responsiveness, but also with how quickly they are releasing new features to add even more value. With such a clear focus on speakers and content, I’m excited to see how the platform evolves” said Mann.

Our Motivation

“Speakers and content are and always will be some of the most critical components to a successful event, yet it has been one of the most underserved areas for organizers. We've made it our mission to hyper focus on this area and really work with our clients to progressively innovate and consistently add more and more value. And it’s a lot of fun to see the results for organizations like Clarion” said Carver.

Sessionboard is excited to continue providing Clarion Events North America with the tools and support they need to put on their exceptional events across the the country through 2023.

Clarion Energy

Clarion Energy is part of the Clarion Events Group, one of the world’s largest events companies with over 200 events and 2500 employees located in 15 offices across the world. Clarion Energy runs over 40 events that cover the Oil, Gas, Power and Energy sectors.


Sessionboard is a next generation speaker and content management platform that helps event organizers save time, relieve stress and get their content to market faster. Sessionboard helps streamline the call for papers, abstract evaluation, awards and applications, session creation, speaker onboarding and event content management and distribution processes.

To learn why some of the most respected event teams trust Sessionboard to power their operations, schedule a demo today.

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