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April Product Update: Subsessions, Contact Profiles, and European Market Support...

Our quest to save event organizers time and make life easier continues with our latest release of features. This one is big!

We're thrilled to announce that this month's product update is one of the most exciting ones to date! Our focus has been on adding new features that will continue to make your event processes more efficient and save you valuable time and energy.

The latest release includes:

  • Subsessions to help you easily manage your more complex sessions
  • Contact Profiles, providing your team with detailed views of your event speakers
  • Support for EU clients with compliant URLs 


Who Benefits? Organizers, Speakers, A/V Team

Create and manage subsessions in your agenda. Subsessions cover specific topics within a larger parent session and are a useful tool for conference managers to organize complex presentations.

Each subsession can have its own title, speakers, description, format, and timing. Speakers can see the parent session and subsessions in their portals, and only upload content to their relevant subsession, so it’s automatically organized for your AV needs.

Benefits include:
  • You can create subsessions from scratch or convert existing sessions into subsessions. If needed, you can also change subsessions back to primary sessions.
  • Rescheduling your parent session will automatically keep the subsession times in sync so you don’t have to individually fix each one. This is a massive timesaver for agenda management.
  • Bulk downloading subsession content is made easy via our content export system and content is automatically nested under the parent session’s content, so your AV team can save time organizing the content.
Brianna Elenes, Product Partnerships Manager, Freeman

Contact Profiles

Who Benefits? Organizers, Speakers,  Sponsors,  Exhibitors

View and edit contact information in a centralized profile page where your team can add notes throughout the speaker lifecycle.

Benefits include:
  • Notes system - reduce time and effort to search for relevant information across multiple platforms.
  • See when your contact has last accessed their portal and send a quick email from their profile if you want to share an update with them.
  • Access a filtered agenda view for each contact.
  • Edit sessions directly from the contact page.
  • See information such as last email, last contact update - this helps keep everyone organized and reduces redundant communications that could annoy your speaker.

European Client Support 

Who Benefits? Constituents in the European Union

EU server - Organizations in the European Union can now host their events on a dedicated EU server. Please contact us to learn more.

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High quality speakers and content are the heartbeat of any event. That’s what inspired us to create Sessionboard. Our platform simplifies the complex workflows and disjointed communications that exist around speaker and content management today. The results? A faster-growing event, more productive staff, seamless collaboration with speakers and more time back to do what you do best—building epic experiences.

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