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Additional Contacts Feature Empowers Speaker Teams To Manage Onboarding And Communication

This new feature empowers your speaker's team to handle the logistics associated with joining your event with ease.

Sessionboard is excited to introduce a feature that empowers a speaker's entire team to help manage the logistics of joining your next event.

What We Heard

Traditionally, speakers themselves have been burdened with the logistics of event participation - from submission processes to task management. This not only adds to their workload but can detract from their primary focus: delivering impactful presentations. Sessionboard identified the need for a more efficient system, one that empowers the speaker's support team to handle these aspects proficiently.

What We Did

The Additional Contacts feature enables anyone on your speakers' team such as executive assistants and admin professionals to manage all speaker related tasks on behalf of the speaker. This feature is a game-changer for those who support keynote speakers, leadership panelists, doctors, professors, and other event contributors.

Features and Benefits

  • Delegate with Confidence: Assistants can now take full control of the submission and onboarding processes, ensuring speakers are registered and prepared for events without any hassle.
  • Task Management Simplified: From tracking deadlines to managing content submissions, "Additional Contacts" offers a centralized platform for all task-related needs.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The feature fosters better communication and collaboration between the speaker’s team and event organizers.
  • Focus on What Matters: Speakers can concentrate on their presentation and content, confident that the logistical details are being expertly managed.

What This Means For Sessionboard Users

Additional Contacts creates a user-friendly experience for both the speakers and their teams. It offers an intuitive interface, making navigation and task management straightforward and efficient.

Our Commitment

With this new feature Sessionboard reaffirms its commitment to enhancing the event experience for organizers, speakers, and their teams. This feature is not just an addition to the platform; it's a step towards more empowered, efficient, and focused event participation. Because at the end of the day you want your speakers focused on helping you craft amazing experience for your attendees.

Get Started

Ready to witness the power of Sessionboard? Schedule a free demo today and elevate your collaborative experience!

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