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Reflecting on Brunch with Denver's Top Event Professionals: A "Sessions" Local Edition

Local "Sessions" keep on rolling along, this time in Denver just before the Meetings Industry Council of Colorado Conference.

Small Gatherings, Big Discussions

As we look back at our recent gathering in Denver a few weeks ago, it's clear that the conversations we had are still resonating deeply. In our journey to foster in-depth and meaningful discussions within the events industry, these moments of connection and insight become landmarks of progress and reflection.

A Local Edition with Lasting Impressions

Before the bustling Meetings Industry Council of Colorado Conference, we convened a select group of Denver's top event professionals for a brunch that would prove to be as insightful as it was refreshing. The informal setting led to open conversations ranging from the tactical nuances of event planning to the more personal aspects of our daily lives—like the shared responsibility of loading a dishwasher at home!

Emerging Themes from Our Discussion:

  • The Evolving Challenges of Event Planning: The landscape of event organization is shifting more dramatically than ever before. Our discussions underscored the heightened expectations of stakeholders and attendees, alongside the evolving dynamics of how and why we gather.
  • Workforce Development: The challenges of recruiting, training, and retaining talent are more pronounced, with many sharing personal anecdotes of navigating these hurdles amid a landscape of growing logistical complexities.
  • Resource Optimization: In times of tightened budgets and staffing, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency has become a crucial strategy discussed at length during our session.
  • The Value of Community: Perhaps the most poignant takeaway was the therapeutic nature of our gathering. In an industry as demanding as ours, having a network of peers who understand the unique pressures we face is invaluable for mental health and sustained innovation.

A Moment Missed, Memories Made:

Though we missed the chance to capture a group photo before some had to leave, the 'usie' taken at the end encapsulates the spirit of camaraderie and shared purpose that defined our meeting.

Sessionboard Senior Account Executive Megan Martin with some of Denver's Top Event Pros.

Looking Forward:

As we continue this series of small but impactful gatherings, the themes from Denver will inform our future discussions on emerging technologies, sustainable practices, attendee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and the strategic use of speaker data. Each topic is chosen to fuel ongoing dialogue and inspire new approaches to event management and content creation.


Reflecting on our time in Denver, it's evident that these smaller sessions are not just about the immediate exchange of ideas but about planting seeds for future growth and connection. We are excited to carry these insights forward, enhancing our next gatherings and the broader community dialogue.

As we forge ahead, we invite you to stay engaged, share your experiences, and help us shape the future of our industry.

Next Up: Boston Here We Come!

If you want to learn more about our upcoming dinner and discussion in Boston, MA on June 6th, reach out to : Ian@sessionboard.com  

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