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ExpoPlatform and Sessionboard Partner to Offer a Fully Integrated Speaker and Content Management Platform

Now ExpoPlatform’s clients will have access to an integration that will truly power their events from end to end.

Leading event technology company, ExpoPlatform has partnered with next generation speaker and content management platform Sessionboard, to create a seamless integration experience for synchronizing session and speaker data at events.

By joining forces, conference managers from around the world now have the ideal symbiotic solution to their speaker & content workflow. Sessionboard will handle your submissions, approvals, on-boarding, and content collection so you can seamlessly synchronize it with your event in ExpoPlatform. 

Revolutionizing Your Next Event, From Beginning To End

The partnership will specifically work by integrating the approved sessions and collected content - bio’s, headshots, presentations and more - from Sessionboard into ExpoPlatform.

This process allows for a seamless update to the event website and mobile app in real-time. 

The integration is built in such a way that an organizer can easily activate it in minutes through the Sessionboard platform. This simplifies the complex management workflows before synchronizing with agendas in ExpoPlatform - making it an important feature for more academic and content-heavy events.

Specifically, organizations can utilize Sessionboard's dynamic platform to:

  • Centralize the call for papers and abstracts — Send, track and manage call for abstracts or call for papers.
  • Simplify abstract grading— Gather, evaluate and grade abstracts all in one system.
  • Build speaker agendas and manage sessions in real-time — Get out of spreadsheets and make updates on the fly with a real-time agenda builder.
  • Personalized portals guide speakers through every step - Each speaker can track their task, timelines and to-do’s to stay on track.
  • Streamline communication for speakers and staff - Eliminate needless back and forth, track progress on one central dashboard and never ask for the same info twice.

The result being 100’s of organizer hours saved on each event.

Chris Carver, co-founder and CEO of Sessionboard, said:

“When building out Sessionboard and the integration with ExpoPlatform, our team was fully dedicated to ensuring that the end user experience - the organizer, the evaluator, the speaker and the attendee - was second to none. Our goal is to save conference organizers a great deal of time, while giving them a powerful tool to help elevate their event. The ExpoPlatform and Sessionboard integration is an exciting step in that direction.”

A Solution That Integrates With The Biggest Names In Event Platforms

Luke Bilton, Chief Growth Officer at ExpoPlatform, said:

“We are really impressed with the way SessionBoard streamlines content workflows for conference producers. This partnership is a great addition to our technology stack and enhances our all-in-one offering for conferences of all sizes.“

Two Event Technology Companies At The Forefront Of Innovation

Sessionboard was designed to eliminate the complex and repetitive tasks that have always plagued the speaker, session, and content management process. With Sessionboard, event teams will gain back hours of wasted time to reinvest into what matters most—elevating the attendee experience through cutting-edge content. 

For ExpoPlatform, this move comes at a period of high growth. They are closing in on hitting their 100-person milestone for the first time, more than doubling their workforce over the last 12 months. An impressive feat indeed, and a sign that their all-in-one platform is resonating and serving as a real solution for big named clients within the events industry.  


High quality speakers and content are the heartbeat of any event. That’s what inspired us to create Sessionboard. Our platform simplifies the complex workflows and disjointed communications that exist around speaker and content management today. The results? A faster-growing event, more productive staff, seamless collaboration with speakers and more time back to do what you do best—building epic experiences.

ABOUT ExpoPlatform

ExpoPlatform is an international event technology company that supports some of the world’s leading exhibition organizers including Informa, Clarion, and MCI. As a major player in the events industry, ExpoPlatform applies digital innovations for making better, more valuable in-person events. 

They offer AI-powered solutions to build smart events, communities and marketplaces across in-person, virtual and hybrid channels. Their modular platform enables organisers to engage their attendees, grow communities and drive businesses throughout the year.

They are helping leading trade show and conference organisers, global enterprises, associations and non profit organisations to reinvent their business models. 

Chris Carver

CEO & Co-Founder

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